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Andrew Traill - Editor
Andrew Traill - Editor
Andrew started his career at Lizard as an assistant to Naudene Barnard and Guy Spiller. He moved to Cutaways initially to assist Peter Mostert, Marcel Mouton & Kobus Loots; it was here that his passion and talent were recognized and he was promoted to editor in his own right.

He was quickly offered a post by Orchestra Blue as senior editor where he could continue his passion for creative work. This gave him the opportunity to work on all genres of editing from fast paced action films to documentaries and commercials of all makes and models!

Over the years he has worked with some of the industry's most compelling directors, among them, Ian Wilson, David Gillard, Neal Sundstrom, Paul Miros, Teboho Mahlatsi and Tebogo Malope.

After 12 years honing his skills, in 2007 he decided it was time to set up his own "house".

Andrew has won numerous international awards in New York, London including a Silver Lion award in 2004 and most recently For Best Film at the Portland Film Festival 2015.